Mobile applications for citizens

By using mobile applications, citizens can easily gain access to different services and open data. This offers new opportunities for the intelligent management of demand and can enhance the quality of life in cities. Mobile applications help citizen to access information and make informed decisions in various domains, such as:

  • energy control at home
  • multi-modal mobility
  • rental systems, etc.
List of demo sites where this technology is being implemented.

OrbEEt Site Asparrena

Asparrena City Hall will be used as a pilot site of the OrbEEt project and therefore the municipality infrastructures will serve to the main purpose of the project as a demonstration area in order to further evaluate and validate the behavioural change framework developed within the OrbEEt...

OrbEEt Site Pernik

The public office building for the pilot testing in Pernik (Bulgaria) is a monolithic four-storey high building, constructed in 1962. The number of personnel occupying the building is more than 250 people, with an average of 2-3 occupants per office allowing the OrbEEt framework to provide accurate...

OrbEEt Site Erlangen

The Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg is one of Germany’s largest universities with currently 26.000 students, 260 chairs and 24 clinics. It is firmly rooted in the Nuremberg metropolitan area which has a strong focus on technology and environment (e.g. by the Medical Valley EMN e. V...

OrbEEt Site Innsbruck

The Hofburg Innsbruck, a 5-storey building with a total floor space of 26,300 m² and a total cubic volume of around 110,000 m³, counts with Schönbrunn Palace and the Vienna Hofburg to the three culturally important buildings in Austria, as a cadastral prepared by the Federal Monuments Office points...

EnerGAware Site Plymouth

*Disclaimer: This project has been launched recently and there is not sufficient information available yet. Please check regularly for updates.