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National conference and exhibition "Smart Cities of Romania 2016"

08 November 2016 to 09 November 2016

This event will highlight the way technology and innovation will enable the emergence of smart cities of tomorrow. Main topics include: sustainable development and energy efficiency; cybersecurity and privacy; smart grids (power, communications, water, ...);  intelligent transport systems. The event will be attended by managers and specialists from energy, transport, utilities, IT&C, automation, security technology, planning, finance, and representatives of central, regional and local...

Smart cities, innovative technologies in support of intelligent cities

12 October 2016 to 13 October 2016

The event will look at the following topics: Which smart mobility strategy for the Smart cities? How to reach an optimal energy supply with renewable energy sources in buildings and city districts? Nature-based solutions in the Smart cities: the case of water management technologies in an urban environment. How can Smart cities better collaborate in the future? The second day will include a study visit to the Aspern Smart City Research project

Smart City-Regional Governance for Sustainability - Experimental Smartness

06 October 2016 to 07 October 2016

The conference focuses in particular on 'experimental smartness' with the aim of exploring practical examples of how 'smartness' is approached by both policy makers and academia.

14th European Week of Regions and Cities

10 October 2016 to 13 October 2016

The 14th European Week of Regions and Cities will focus on the challenges currently facing Europe's regions and cities. Building on the implementation cycle of EU cohesion policy programmes, the event will be aligned with the political priorities of the European Commission's and the European Committee of the Regions for 2016 and with the interests of the partner regions and cities.

Inclusive Smart Cities: A European Manifesto on Citizen Engagement

23 November 2016

The Conference will gather the main EU level networks of regional and local authorities, civil society organisations, knowledgeable scholars and practitioners as well as industry representatives to cooperate and commit to active involvement of citizens.

Accelerating urban transition: Tapping the full potential of Smart City and Community pilots

16 November 2016

This workshop aims at bringing together people working in public administration, researchers, business, NGOs and civil society to jointly discuss measures to fully exploit the potential of Smart City and Communities pilot and demonstration projects. The aim is to identify bottlenecks at hand, ways forward and concepts to move from demonstration and pilots to larger scale implementation.

Smart Cities in Europe: Promoting Sustainability, Innovation and Cooperation

25 October 2016

The aim of the event is to explore the concept of smart cities and its objectives and to exchange knowledge and information on various actions taken at European level to support its development. The conference will offer participants the possibility to discuss ways to facilitate access to finance for smart cities programmes and thus promote cooperation and competitiveness.

International Smart City Event in Tampere, Finland

17 October 2016 to 19 October 2016

The event will focus on intelligent community development and smart market creation. Topics to be discussed include smart city, future healthcare, digitalisation, internet of things, open data, open innovation platforms, co-creation and open participation.

IEEE International Forum Smart Grids for Smart Cities

16 October 2016 to 18 October 2016

The event will gather experts from energy, telecommunications and computing sectors. It will feature about 40 notable speakers that will provide a unique and international perspective on technology, applications, standards and policy pertaining to smart grids as enablers for smart cities and other smart community solutions.