Policy and Finance

The challenge to develop smart cities is not only a technological challenge but also a regulatory, financial and social one. In fact, some of the issues that are not technical may be more complicated to resolve than the technological barriers.

This section has been developed with the aim to guide stakeholders through the policy and financial related issues that may affect the success of a project. For project developers it will offer explanations on problems that can be encountered and list solutions found in real life projects, with links to relevant documentation. For decision-makers it may offer information on the impact of regulatory barriers. For both developers and decision-makers it will also show solutions that help to make projects financially sustainable.

All stakeholders are invited to help populate the site with information. It offers the opportunity to transfer their experience by categorising each problem to other stakeholders.

The database offers the regulatory, financial and stakeholder related barriers and solutions for energy efficiency in buildings and energy production technologies. It will soon be expanded to include mobility and ICT.