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Bike sharing systems

Bike Sharing Systems

Challenges/ Barriers facing

Social & behavioural

  • Convincing people using a car to use the bike sharing system
  • Citizen involvement
  • Lack of awareness about bike sharing, e-bikes and benefits
  • Reluctance against using a shared bike (preference for own bike)

Finance & business model

  • Defining the numbers of the business case (e.g. length of free renting time)

Competences & risks

  • Security issues (e.g. wearing a helmet while biking; location of bicycle lanes with traffic or not)

Regulatory & juridical

  • Availability of space and public land use allocation


  • Administration involved in the project
  • Integration of the bike sharing systems within the city; within neighbouring cities and within the public transport system (e.g. with local bus card)

Incentives/ Policy recommendations/ Suggestions/ Best Practices

Policy recommendations

  • Reduce the limit speed for cars
  • Offer fast-track planning and permitting processes

User incentives

  • Offer the service at a low price (18 €/year in Valencia; free in Koln)
  • Improve the bicycle paths network
  • Involve citizens in strategic planning

Best practices & suggestions

  • Smart parking by giving more rights to the user (flexibility to leave the bike)
  • Make use of intermodal tickets
  • Incorporate bike sharing systems in the broader urban planning and regeneration initiatives
  • Make data available in real time
  • Start with small pilot projects before scaling up
  • Make use of virtual temporary stations
  • Learn from other projects around bike sharing systems
  • Make us of apps

Plan for Implementation (Next Steps)

  • All cities should have a Sustainable Mobility Plan or should be aiming to have one
  • Integrate shared systems (e-bikes, e-scooters, …)
  • Include bicycle lanes and bike-sharing system in our integrated plan for urban development and regeneration (provided that citizens are persuaded to take-up this solution)
  • Roll-out further the e-bike sharing system
  • Move mobile stations to be in line with the new master plan
  • Set-up a sustainable mobility plan
  • Share experiences with other cities
  • Have a deeper look at free floating solutions (permission to leave the bike everywhere) and driving and safety regulations
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