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So what was the CONCERTO Initiative all about?

► You're an investor, a local authority, a material supplier, a designer, an urban planner, a developer, an energy supplier, a contractor, an engineer, a tenant or the owner of a building?

► You're interested in the use of multiple renewable energy sources, in combination with sustainable construction and energy efficiency measures?

► Look no further - Find role models, case studies, assessments, recommendations and intelligent enquiries on our website, concerning projects in 58 cities and communities that have already been or are being carried out.

This information includes:

  • innovative technologies that are ready to be applied;
  • sustainable building and district development;
  • renewable energies for cities;
  • energy efficiency measures;
  • affordable energy;
  • energy transparency for citizens;

► You'll see that cities and communities can meet the energy and climate challenge!

► You also have the possibility to choose the level of information that is best suited to your needs: a first level that provides “at a glance” facts and/or in some cases a secondary level for “more detailed” information about the CONCERTO cities and communities, implemented technologies and policies.

► Have a look at our CONCERTO Initiative video - it only takes 90 seconds!

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► Watch our good-practices videos on our YouTube Channel

► Visit our Intelligent Enquiries to access the CONCERTO database. We make results from energy efficiency projects accessible!