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The resources section of the Library contains the following content:

SCIS Power Point Presentation

This is the general SCIS power point presentation that provides you with an overview of what SCIS is, what we offer and how you can benefit from us.

SCIS Monitoring Guides

Are to provide assistance and to be considered as helpful in the preparation of data for projects that may be considered part of the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS).

Cities participating in EU initiatives

Are two documents that list the cities participating in six European initiatives, the country and number of residents and the level of their involvement.

Smart Cities initiatives

Lists all EU iniatives 

Journal Article by NEXT-Buildings

Title of the article is "Demonstration projects of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: Lessons from end-user experiences in Amsterdam, Helsingborg, and Lyon", written by Nicolien van der Grija, Frans van der Woerd, Bruno Gaiddon, Reto Hummelshøj, Mia Larsson, Olufolahan Osunmuyiwa and Rudy Rooth.

Smart Cities Guidance Package

The Smart City Guidance Package helps to plan and implement smart city and low energy district projects in an integrated way by describing common situations and giving real-life examples

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Guidelines for developing and implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Second Edition)