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PIME'S Site Szentendre

Szentendre is situated some 30 km north-west from Budapest in Hungary. It is situated next to the river Danube, just some 30 km north-west from Budapest. In this small pitoresk town, PIME'S project covers rehabilitation of houses of flats and a kindergarden, as well as the construction of a new research centre for EMI.

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The Capital of Budapest is divided into 22 districts. One of the biggest local governments is the district called Óbuda – Békásmegyer. It has 127.000 inhabitants and is the 6th biggest municipality of Hungary. The City Council of Óbuda approved a development plan for the district which focuses on the energy efficient reconstruction of the building blocks as main duty. In total there are 33,981 flats built with an industrial prefabricated concrete system. These flats are in a very bad condition concerning the windows, walls, roof insulation and the efficiency of the central heating system.

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GEOCOM Site Mórahalom

Mórahalom is a small community in Hungary known for its thermal baths. The balneological use of geothermal wells has a long tradition. A study from 2007 states that ‘87 % of the municipality’s energy use is based on natural gas which translates into 59 % of all annual municipal costs’. Based on these findings with innovation potential, the integration of renewable energy sources, and in particular geothermal heating and electricity generation, took centre stage in the town’s strategy and vision.

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Fellow city: Miskolc

Miskolc is the fourth biggest city in Hungary, and is the Regional centre and capital of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. 162,905 inhabitants. Very ambitious urban plan.

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HEAT4COOL Budapest

Design and realization of a heat pump based Thermowatt system that would use communal wastewater to heat and cool buildings around the St. Stephan Square in Budapest District 4. Humid climate, annual average temperature 11.2 °C. The expected wastewater temperature is 15-20°C and the available wastewater flow is about 250 m3/hour.

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