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Zagorje is showing that locally available, low-valued renewable energy resources can be capitalized. In Zagorje┬┤s case, it is water from abandoned mines. A system is being put in place that will use geothermal energy from mine-water to heat a youth centre and a primary school. The water has a temperature of around 33 to 34 degrees Celsius and will also be the source of cooling energy that is provided for the commercial buildings and a planned swimming pool.

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EE-HIGHRISE Site Ljubljana

The objective of the EE-HIGHRISE project was to demonstrate and validate new technologies, concepts, and systems in order to test and assess the technological and economic feasibility of innovative energy solutions for high-rise buildings. The project used the Eco Silver House in Ljubljana (Slovenia) as a demonstration site.

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Kranj is the capital of Region of Gorenjska. Case study district is a part of local community Zlato Polje. There are approximately 1130 people living in the district with area about 0.27 km2. Average year of construction of buildings in the district is 1964. The case area has mainly residential buildings (72 out of 88), most of them are multifamily houses with individual boiler rooms (mostly gas boilers).
Main energy source for heating is gas that is distributed to individual buildings, mostly by pipelines. Small district heating system is in use for educational facilities.

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