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Biomass boiler

List of projects where this technology is being implemented.


The SINFONIA project is a five-year initiative to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities. At the heart of the initiative is a unique cooperation between the cities of Bolzano (Italy) and Innsbruck (Austria), working hand in hand to achieve 40% to... Continue reading
Funding programme: FP7, 4- Demonstration of optimised energy systems for high performance-energy districts.
SCIS Clusters: Demonstration projects, Sustainable energy solutions on district level, Optimisation of energy systems for high-efficiency districts


REMOURBAN is a lighthouse project whose ultimate goal is to design and validate a urban regeneration model in the cities of Nottingham (United Kingdom), Valladolid (Spain) and Tepebasi/Eskisehir (Turkey), while maximizing its replication potential in two follower cities, Seraing (Belgium) and... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, SCC 1 - 2014 Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration - first of the kind) projects
SCIS Clusters: Demonstration projects, Smart Cities and Communities, Integration of energy systems, ICT and transport in cities


The EU-GUGLE project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of nearly-zero energy building renovation models in view of triggering large-scale, Europe-wide replication in smart cities and communities by 2020.  To reach this objective, the eight pilot cities will join efforts to combine the latest... Continue reading
Funding programme: FP7
SCIS Clusters: Demonstration projects, Sustainable energy solutions on district level, District Revitalisation


DIRECTION aimed at demonstrating how the use of very innovative and cost-effective energy efficiency technologies can lead to the achievement of very low energy new buildings. This aim along with the effective adoption of low energy buildings was achieved by switching to a model whereby energy... Continue reading
Funding programme: FP7, Topic EeB.ENERGY.2011.8.1-1: Demonstration of very low energy new buildings
SCIS Clusters: Demonstration projects, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, New Buildings


ECO-Life aimed to establish a replicable planning and implementation approach and to demonstrate innovative and integrated energy concepts in supply and demand side in municipalities in Lithuania, Belgium and Denmark to reach the goal of zero CO2. The local ECO-life projects were integrated in... Continue reading
Funding programme: CONCERTO 3
SCIS Clusters: Demonstration projects, Sustainable energy solutions on district level, District Revitalisation

Biomass boilers have proper control and automatic feeder systems to ensure constant fuel supply of solid biomass in the form of pellets of chips. Furthermore, the boilers are often equipped with lambda-sensors to ensure optimal and efficient combustion of the biomass. Using the best of modern technology, biomass boilers can achieve over 90% efficiency, significantly more than conventional boilers.

Biomass boilers can either be used in a centralized plant that feeds a district heating or through distributed single units. Biomass boilers also have the advantage to be renewable, which makes it more efficient in terms of primary energy and CO2 emissions. Biomass boilers are not restricted to solid fuel, there are also systems using biogas or liquid biofuels. However these are seldom used for direct heat production, but rather to drive generators in combined heat and power plants.