Be smart with energy, mobility and ICT in your city

Building envelope retrofitting

The deep renovation of the existing stock of residential and non-residential buildings facilitates the efficient use of resources, the reduction of waste and the mitigation of CO2 emissions. There are different solutions available to gain benefits in terms of energy and resource efficiency such as the use of premanufactured front-mounted façades to keep the existing building structures that are of cultural, architectural, historical and educational value.

Successful approaches include the integration of HVAC and photovoltaic components in the façades, semitransparent insulation, new glazing technologies and other innovations in construction components that provide architectural flexibility and decrease energy consumption. Energy supply units can be upgraded or replaced by state-of-the-art technology and room layouts reassessed and optimized. Ecological and energy-oriented refurbishment strengthens energy independence, reduces fossil fuel consumption, increases social well-being and shapes cultural identity of all European citizens.