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Deep geothermal energy

List of projects where this technology is being implemented.


The GEOCOM project was launched in 2010 with a vision to increase the visibility of direct heat applications of geothermal energy throughout Europe. This 11 million euro project, funded under the FP7, demonstrated a wide array of research and demonstration components to provide not only firsthand... Continue reading
Funding programme: CONCERTO 3
SCIS Clusters: Demonstration projects, Sustainable energy solutions on district level, District Revitalisation

Geothermal energy is derived from the thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth’s interior. In the case of deep geothermal, the source of energy can be situated over 1.5 km underground, being used for electricity and heat generation. This geothermal resource is renewable because the extracted hot water is reinjected back into the ground after the heat transfer. Furthermore, the amount of heat extracted is negligible compared to the heat capacity of planet Earth.