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Smart street lighting

Street lighting is a key public service provided by public authorities at the local and municipal level. Good lighting is essential for road safety, personal safety and urban ambience. However, many street lighting facilities are outdated and therefore highly inefficient. This leads to higher energy requirements and levels of maintenance. For a number of municipalities which have outdated systems, street lighting can account for as much as 30-50% of their entire power.

Introduction of smart streets lighting can make the lighting network more efficient while allowing for more control, real-time data and improved safety and security. Intelligent lighting systems have an integrated approach which includes:

  • energy efficient LED lights
  • real time data feeds
  • noise detection
  • movement detection
  • air pollution detection
  • WiFi, etc.

mySMARTLife Helsinki

Where history and presence lead into a smart future


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has a population of over 626,300 inhabitants and greater Helsinki does even count up to 1.4 million. Helsinki is Finland´s major political, educational, financial, cultural and research centre as well as one of northern Europe´s major cities.


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