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Travel demand management

List of projects where this technology is being implemented.


The European lighthouse cities Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany) and Lyon (France), the follower cities Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Venice (Italy), the observer cities Kiev (Ukraine) and Yokohama (Japan) come together to improve citizens’ quality of life. SMARTER TOGETHER... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, SCC 1 - 2015: Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration - first of the kind) projects
SCIS Clusters: Demonstration projects, Smart Cities and Communities, Integration of energy systems, ICT and transport in cities

Travel demand management (TDM) describes the strategies and policies aiming to achieve more efficient use of transportation resources and to reduce travel demand by giving priority to public transit, car-sharing, car-pooling, etc. It puts focus on the movement of people and goods, rather than on motor vehicles.

There are many different strategies with a variety of transportation impacts:

  • improvement transportation options available to consumers
  • changes in trip scheduling, route, destination or mode
  • reduction in the need for physical travel through more efficient land use or transportation substitutes.

Travel demand management is an increasingly common response to transport problems. Although most individual TDM strategies only affect a small portion of total travel, the cumulative impacts of a comprehensive TDM program can be significant with respect to the environment, public health, communities and life in the cities. 

Published: 10/11/2020

Smart Cities Information System – A BEGINNING NOT THE END

The final conference in a nutshell:

  • Approximately 200 participants joined online
  • 16 sessions with a total number of 44 speakers
  • Number of Lobby chats: nearly 100!

Deal meetings:

  • Projects received: 12 (total investment: 111,8 M EUR)
  • Projects matched: 4 (total investment: 84 M EUR)

The link to the recording of the event will follow soon.

Published: 10/07/2020

Sinfonia “Smart City talks” Webinar n°6 - Data for citizen

Join the Sinfonia team on Friday 17 July 2020 at 10:30 for their last SINFONIA "Smart City Talks" webinar to learn more about the experience of our lighthouse city Bolzano in deploying smart urban services for its citizens!

The city of Bolzano is one of the first smart cities in Italy. Within the framework of the EU-funded SINFONIA project, the Municipality collaborated with research centres and companies to design and implement an Urban Service-Oriented Sensible Grid (USOS-grid) that will improve mobility and expand the services offered to citizens.

Published: 27/05/2020

Matchmaking, we are doing it online – Register now!

With the theme of delivering resiliance for smart city projects in times of COVID-19, the EIP-SCC Marketplace team is organising an online matchmaking event from 15 June to 17 June 2020. You can register here.

Find support and connect to smart city investors during the pandemic and beyond by registering here.

Published: 29/04/2020

We are looking for your smart city project concepts!

The EIP-SCC Marketplace matchmaking support service is continuously looking for projects in need of finance to be matched with the requirements of members of our Investor Network.

Call for project concepts

Published: 29/04/2020

Tartu Virtual Baltic Smart City Dialogue

In the EU, municipalities are increasingly developing “smart” solutions for urban infrastructures and their integration. Frequently, the vision of a “smart city” is portrayed as key for sustainable, climate friendly municipalities. Building on a German smart city stakeholder dialogue, the project intends to foster European dialogue and learning on smart cities for climate mitigation. The focus will be on the infrastructure sectors mobility, energy and waste management and water and their integration.

mySMARTLife Helsinki

Where history and presence lead into a smart future


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has a population of over 626,300 inhabitants and greater Helsinki does even count up to 1.4 million. Helsinki is Finland´s major political, educational, financial, cultural and research centre as well as one of northern Europe´s major cities.


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Smarter Together Site Lyon

Lyon is one of the lighthouse cities in the SMARTER TOGETHER project. The demonstration area in focus is Lyon-Confluence, one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in France (150 ha – 600 000 m² existing floor area – 1 million m² of new buildings) and an area of many urban innovations.

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The European lighthouse cities Vienna (Austria), Munich (Germany) and Lyon (France), the follower cities Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Venice (Italy), the observer cities Kiev (Ukraine) and Yokohama (Japan) come together to improve citizens’ quality of life. SMARTER TOGETHER will prepare the ground for large-scale replication and ensure an in-depth knowledge transfer about setting up of smart city business models and user-centric innovation in order to contribute to positive societal dynamics.