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Urban data platform

Urban data platforms integrate the large amount of data in cities, including energy, transport, crowdsourced data, etc., and provide holistic view of the information with the aim of improvement and development of innovative smart city services.

Four types of data streams can be drawn from urban data:

  • demand-side stream which can give better understanding of specific properties and characteristics of urban processes, e.g. buildings services,  government-to-citizens services, and provide solutions for improvement
  •  supply-side stream to monitor incidents and crisis situations and the respective responses and solutions with the aim of drawing conclusions and recommendations
  • analytical stream to identify data patterns and correlations in order to derive predictions for urban innovation, provide impact assessment, and demonstrate the challenges and opportunities in urban development
  • standardization stream to bring the data in line with the international standards.

Urban data platforms enable and stimulate a proper understanding of how infrastructure is used in different domains, the interdependencies between different elements of infrastructure and the effects of external drivers such as public policy, major events and weather patterns and precipitation. 

Published: 29/04/2020

We are looking for your smart city project concepts!

The EIP-SCC Marketplace matchmaking support service is continuously looking for projects in need of finance to be matched with the requirements of members of our Investor Network.

Call for project concepts

Published: 29/04/2020

Tartu Virtual Baltic Smart City Dialogue

In the EU, municipalities are increasingly developing “smart” solutions for urban infrastructures and their integration. Frequently, the vision of a “smart city” is portrayed as key for sustainable, climate friendly municipalities. Building on a German smart city stakeholder dialogue, the project intends to foster European dialogue and learning on smart cities for climate mitigation. The focus will be on the infrastructure sectors mobility, energy and waste management and water and their integration.

mySMARTLife Helsinki

Where history and presence lead into a smart future


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, has a population of over 626,300 inhabitants and greater Helsinki does even count up to 1.4 million. Helsinki is Finland´s major political, educational, financial, cultural and research centre as well as one of northern Europe´s major cities.


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