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Innovative procurement of smart city solutions

Innovative Procurement of Smart City Solutions

Challenges/ Barriers facing

Social & behavioural

  • Incentivising stakeholders
  • Convincing politicians and decision makers
  • Convince [Who?] to go for an innovative procurement
  • Gaining political support for collective joint procurement

Competences & risks

  • Lack of professional knowledge
  • Only a limited amount offers are received to deliver an innovative solution

Regulatory & juridical

  • Complying with regulations (e.g. data protection)


  • Collaborating with companies in the early stages
  • Defining the purpose of the tender
  • Lack of time
  • Silo thinking
  • Lack of a standardised format
  • Being able to choose for innovative rather than the cheapest solutions

Incentives/ Policy recommendations/ Suggestions/ Best Practices

Policy recommendations

  • Create more smart centres for procurement
  • Educate people

Best practices & suggestions

  • Make use of open calls and/or competitive dialogue
  • Smaller cities can collaborate during procurement to receive better funding. Possibility of outsourcing to main tendering process.
  • Put in more sustainable issues

Plan for Implementation (Next Steps)

  • Collect good examples to show to our own stakeholders
  • Set priorities in order to decide on the purpose of the tender
  • Start tendering within the next calendar year
  • Scale-up collective procurement to other regions/municipalities in the country
  • Scale-up from pilot to city level
  • Finalize second open call
  • Work at a high political level: Create a transparent but good organized state ministry for procurement
  • Use separate procurements for different components of a larger product
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