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Cities participating in EU initiatives

Published Date: 
22 August 2018

These excels list the cities that are involved in European initiatives.

The first excel lists cities participating in one of eight European initiatives, the country and number of residents and the level of their involvement:

  • Smart cities and CONCERTO calls in FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020: lighthouse and follower cities, as well as details of their participation (229 cities)
  • EIP-SCC Market place: number of commitments (299 cities)
  • Covenant of Mayors: status (7779 cities)
  • CIVITAS: number of projects (63 cities)
  • Green Digital Charter: signatory status (53 cities)
  • European Energy Award: status (1444 cities)
  • EU Capitals of the Year: EU Green Leaf Capitals, EU Green Capitals, EU Innovation Capitals (18 cities)
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Status: “adopted” or “under development”) (720 cities)

The list has filter functions which enable the user to find easily the cities satisfying these criteria. They can be a useful tool for cities, SMEs, industry, research establishment and academia to find project or business partners.


The second excel lists cities that are part of the Smart cities and Concerto Projects under FP6/FP7/H2020.