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2017 SCIS Conference

Monday, October 2, 2017

Smart cities are engaged cities. So said Usman Haque from Umbrellium in his keynote at the Empowering smart solutions for better cities conference on 2 & 3 October in Budapest.

The same thing goes for events. 2 days. 40 speakers. 150 participants. 150 stories told. 30 successes shared. 15 challenges solved. Outstanding engagement.  

Read our blog on 10 reasons why it was awesome. Here are the outcomes of the two days or, as we call them, visual minutes. Have a look at all photos from the conference. See the event story on social media here: #SS4C17 | DAY 1 & #SS4C17 | DAY 2

Insterested in the sucess stories presentations? You can find them below (update in progress): 

 #1 Urban innovation in practice: success stories

Audi Hungary’s bee farm: nature-based solutions in urban development

BUILDSMART: Integration of high performance technologies in residential buildings

CITyFiED: innovative business model in Laguna de Duero’s Torrelago district

Cooling with drinking water: City-zen demonstration in Amsterdam

EU-GUGLE project: sustainable renovation pilot for smart districts

GrowSmarter: transforming cities for a smart sustainable Europe

iURBAN: multilevel, integrated, and scalable smart city

TRACE: innovative walking and cycling tracking solutions

WATIFY: awareness raising campaign for the modernisation of Europe's industry

MySMARTLife: energy generation and management for a neutral multimodal hub

Smart Monitor: monitoring Vienna's smart city progress

Smart Society Academy

SMARTER TOGETHER: urban Infrastructure as a basis for data collection, smart data and IoT based solutions

Smarticipate: opening up the smart city

SURECITY project: how to define medium and long term sustainable action plans

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy: sustainable, climate-resilient and vibrant cities

#2 Urban innovation in practice: success stories

CITyFiED demonstration case study: energy results achieved in Torrelago

Collection, integration, harmonisation and management of buildings’ energy-related data in real life

Efficient and sustainable energy supply to cities: the PITAGORAS case study

Feedback from the construction and operation of a large positive energy building in the city centre of Lyon, France

How the City-zen Roadshow helped Dubrovnik, Izmir, Belfast and Menorca to co-create a realisable vision for a sustainable city

How to work closely together in building renovation at large scale: the MURMUR renovation campaign in Grenoble-Alpes Métropole

Learning in the lighthouses: capturing smart urban transformation in the TRIANGULUM project

Renewable energy in district heating & cooling: best practices and challenges from the cities of Litomerice (Czech Republic) and Brasov (Romania)

REPLICATE: Measuring impact for determining a city's business model

RUGGEDISED: interoperable 3D Urban Platforms 

Sharing Cities: sharing practices and scaling up smart city solutions

SINFONIA: Bridging the gap between design and implementation of smart city concepts

Smart London: Digital transformation of local economy and empowering local communities

TRIANGULUM replication tool for smart city use cases

REMOURBAN: Ultra-low-energy homes for 2050