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2018 SCIS Project Coordinators Meeting

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

at Nordic Edge in Stavanger, Norway

Representatives from major European smart city projects gathered in Stavanger alongside the Nordic Edge Expo from 24 to 28 September 2018. The event was another proof of the colossal amount of experience and knowledge produced by dozens of projects which focus on providing solutions to improve citizens’ quality of life in clean, energy efficient and climate friendly urban environments. Many of those projects are funded by the European Commission and followed by SCIS, which they regularly inform regarding their progresses.

Throughout this busy week, several engagement sessions were organised, allowing project partners to share their experience with their peers on specific key topics that will contribute to the success of their project. The event responded to a fundamental question, often tackled by SCIS: how can projects share knowledge about what works and help others do the same?  Or, how can replication and up-scaling of smart city solutions take place?

While all Lighthouse projects were represented at a common booth within the exhibition area, SCIS partners actively engaged with project coordinators as well as communication and replication task force members to ensure a good understanding of the platform’s objective and possibilities offered; dissemination of information, exchange of relevant practices, events and webinars promotion etc. Additionally, SCIS strives to collect and give a common meaning to the huge amount of data and experience created by the project in its scope. Thus, it gathered representatives from several projects to discuss how to best collaborate to avoid duplication of work and produce information valuable to all. Projects coordinators and representatives from Remourban, Smarter Together, Replicate, Sharing Cities, SmartEnCity, NEXT-BUILDINGS, CITY-ZEN, GrowSmarter, Triangulum,  Ruggedised, MySMARTLife, Stardust, Match-Up, R2Cities, CityXchange and IRIS took place in a meeting taking place on the 26 September.

During the meeting, participants discuseds the necessity to collect relevant data and information in a streamlined way which will improve the aggregation and comparison of figures related to the group of projects. Obtaining comparable data appears to be key for those projects to amplify their impact on the market. Cities and municipalities would also benefit from a coordinated collection of information as this would allow them to identify and quantify the replication of certain smart city measures.  

Project coordinators also discussed the Barcelona Smart City Expo, the place of their next collaborative event where Lighthouse projects will share a common stand. All other smart city projects co-funded by Horizon 2020 and FP7 programmes and in scope of SCIS are very welcome to join us there to explore new possible ways of cooperating.

The SCIS platform has been launched with support from the European Commission. The aim of the platform is to monitor and analyse EU co-financed demonstration projects and encourage replication of the demonstrated solutions across Europe, within the context of the European Union’s energy and climate change objectives.