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Now online: Let's Go Local - EIP-SCC Marketplace joins the International Forum of Smart Cities and Communities( FICIS)

Event Date: 
14 - 16 April 2020
Braga, Portugal

Due to recent developments: Now as online streaming event

The 6th edition of the International Forum of Smart and Sustainable Communities - FICIS 2020 will take place at D. Diogo de Sousa Museum in Braga - Portugal, on the 14, 15 and 16 April 2020. The registration is free at

Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida, EIP SCC Marketplace matchmaking specialist, will be the keynote speaker in the session “Smart Economy & Governance” of the FICIS on April 15.  Jorge states, “I am very much looking forward to presenting the exciting EIP-SCC Marketplace with all its opportunities for Portuguese cities – let’s explore, shape the future together and help facilitate deals between city representatives and investors!”

FICIS focuses on strengthening the reputation and affirmation of the region in local and global context, as pole of attraction based on innovation for happy, smart and sustainable communities. It presents an integrated and transversal vision for the smart, renewable and inclusive development of regions and municipalities.

In this event, along with the exhibition area, will be discussed several themes in the field of Intelligent and Sustainable Communities: Technology & Innovation, Technology & Environment, Economy & Governance, Heritage & Tourism, E-Commerce ,Society & Communities, Energy and Mobility. Also taking place: "Smart City Lab: Mayors Dialogue" sessions with three Presidents, each presenting examples of good practices and new features in their Municipalities.

It gathers cities, opinion leaders, experts and companies with ideas and capability to turn these ideas into a reality, all sharing the same place where ideas and projects for Smart Cities become reality.

FICIS is an event that, since 2015, annually during 3 days gathers, experts, national and international companies, research institutes, universities, organizations and mayors.

The conferences are allusive to the main domains in the field of Smart Cities: Energy, Mobility, Environment, Technology and Innovation, Economy, Governance, Heritage and Tourism, with an integrated and transversal vision oriented to the well-being of the Communities. The conferences are an opportunity to reach out to experts (from research and higher education institutes, organizations and institutions) with new ideas as well as global and national companies and cities with the vision to turn ideas into reality – also, participants have the opportunity to discuss strategies and initiatives for their territories and communities.

The last session of each day is “Smart Cities: Mayors Dialogue”, were Portuguese City Mayors discuss examples of good practices on environmental, governance and mobility issues in their territories. During the last 5 editions, FICIS counted already with 23 Portuguese Mayors.

Welcome to FICIS 2020!