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Registration open – Exchange of best practices on revitalising and modernising the small retail sector – Workshops 2019

Event Date: 
16 May 2019
Brussels, Belgium

On behalf of the European Commission, we want to invite you to our Retail Workshops in 2019!


These events will provide you with an opportunity to better understand how you can help revitalise and modernise the small retail sector in your area. They will be based on the European Commission policy for retail, contained in the Communication on a ‘European retail sector fit for the 21st Century’ and the guide, ‘Facing the Future’ a practical guide for fostering the revitalisation and modernisation of the small retail sector. You can read the guide here: Guide for revitalising and modernising the small retail sector’.


Workshops: How to revitalise and modernise your small retailers

‘Facing the Future’ contains ideas and practical suggestions on how to assess the needs of your area and tailor initiatives, based on real-life examples, gathered from success stories across the EU, to help small retailers modernise and digitalise.


Register now! To explain how you can use the guide, registration is now open for the workshop in Bucharest (16 May 2019). Please visit this website:


Small retailers are an important source of employment and as many are located in urban areas, they have a positive effect on the vibrancy of city centres. However, the retail landscape is changing. Small retailers need help to embrace ecommerce and meet the demands of the new consumer. Supporting your small retailers to embrace technological changes and modernise, can help prepare them for the future.


The workshop will give you the chance to learn first-hand from towns and cities that have successfully implemented initiatives and the challenges they overcame. You will have the opportunity to pick up practical tips, learn about sources of finance and network. All of these will enable you to prepare solutions or create a successful local retail strategy for your small retailers.


If you are not able to attend in person, we encourage you to watch the web stream, which shall be available on this website:


For further information, please contact


We look forward to welcoming you at a workshop soon!