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Retrofit Europe SBE19 Conference in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Event Date: 
05 - 07 November 2018
Eindhoven, Netherlands



World leading International Sustainable Built Environment Conferences proudly invites you to the “SBE19 NL” conference from 5-6 November 2018 (2-day Conference) and 7 November 2018 (Field Excursions) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

SBE19 NL is the first conference of the 2019-2020 cycle of international conferences on Sustainable Built Environment, where innovation meets market and taking place with a head start from 5-7 November 2018!

Retrofitting 250 million homes to 0-energy
performance housing in Europe

– What does it mean to be fit for the future? –

The ‘must attend’ event for 2018 and a deep dive into themes as policies, technologies, social acceptation, upscaling production, choice of concepts for local climates and avoiding material rebounds. Inspiring plenary sessions, combined with breakout sessions (e.g. scientific paper presentations, practical workshops) and field excursions on day 3, where you can learn more about production and building locations in The Netherlands.

The first SBE19 NL conference focus on five main themes:

  1. How to get 250 million homes adopt retrofits?
  2. Concepts / packages for large scale retrofitting
  3. Prefab retrofit panel production units and upscaling
  4. Materials, circular / biobased and CO2 impacts of retrofitting
  5. Europe wide application versus local limits
  6. Learning and best practices from the 1st generation H2020 projects, in particularly on deep renovation and how to implement a diverse range of innovations

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More information about the programme and conference fees can be found at the SBE19 NL conference website