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SMART ENERGY CITY Advanced training program & Conference in Aarhus, Denmark

Event Date: 
04 - 06 May 2020
Aarhus, Denmark


READY is a Whole City Approach to show how to design for a green future with nearly Zero-Energy buildings and Smart Energy Systems. READY is demonstrated in the cities of Aarhus, Växjö and with the observer city Kaunas.

The READY project is one of the largest Green Smart City projects in Northern Europe and is co-financed by EU with 19 million EUR to realize the project. The consortium consists of internationally well-known industrial companies, energy supply companies, SME’s, housing companies, universities, consultants, and other organizations. The partners have been devoted to improve Renewable Energy Solutions integration in energy supply systems and housing standards as tested and demonstrated in Aarhus and Växjö for nearly Zero-Energy buildings and Smart Energy Systems.

These measures are done to demonstrate how the demand of energy and particularly the needs for fossil fuels and release of CO2 can be considerably reduced to nearly zero and show a sustainable way to go for other European cities.

The Smart Energy City Conference in Aarhus is a combined advanced training program and final conference for the READY project, aimed at decision makers, civil servants, public and private companies, utilities, energy suppliers, energy agencies, universities and green transition stakeholders.

Find event information, registration and changes related to Corona status for the event here.

See short program description here:

  • DAY 1 – Is an advanced training program for the smart city solutions implemented in READY by the partners. The day is finished with a site visit at the new large-scale Sea Heat Pump that supplies parts of Aarhus with renewable energy.
  • DAY 2 – Is the final READY Conference where the project coordinator as well as test and demonstration cities along with innovation project partners will showcase highlights from READY. The participants will also get to visit the biomass fired combined heat and power plant in Lisbjerg and the READY demonstration site in Trigeparken with the nearly Zero-Energy building and Smart Energy System.
  • DAY 3 – Only for consortium partners.