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Presentation: Competitive Cities: A Local Solution to a Global Lack of Growth and Jobs

4 July 2016

The World Bank will present the result of its latest report “Competitive Cities: A Local Solution to a Global Lack of Growth and Jobs”. This report gives insights on ‘What’ makes cities competitive; ‘Who’ does it and ‘How’ is it done, based on a dataset of 750 cities and case studies of six cities. This report explains the elements that have led cities to successfully become competitive and offers insights for regions and cities that find themselves lagging behind. 


European Data Forum

29 - 30 June 2016

The European Data Forum (EDF) is one of the key European events for industry professionals, researchers, policy makers, and members of community initiatives to discuss the challenges and opportunities of data-driven innovation in Europe.

SmartMove final conference

22 June 2016

The conference will showcase key findings from Germany, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Spain and Austria. Highlights include: 1) an increase in passenger numbers by between 5 and 15 percent; 2) annual CO2 emissions savings of between 20 and 100 tonnes; 3) a high level of cost efficiency compared to infrastructure-oriented measures; and 4) adaptability to different conditions.

Central and Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum

22 - 25 June 2016

The aim of this conference is to create Central and Eastern Europe’s first community building event on energy efficiency in buildings. The half-week interactive programme combines practical sessions, creative workshops and evening plenaries with high-level speakers and plenty of informal networking opportunities.

The event will bring together in one place professionals and those interested in energy efficiency in buildings from government, industry, NGOs, think-tanks, financial...

Innovative City 2016

16 - 17 June 2016

Smart City is dead, Hurray for Smart City. The Smart City concept has moved off the drawing board into the hands of practitioners to demonstrate how innovation enhances the quality of urban life.Attracting French, European and global leaders in urban development, Innovative City 2016 keeps pace with upcoming technologies and needs as a showcase for start-ups, big players in new technologies and investors in innovation. Innovative City 2016 is the event for urban decision-makers to stay one...

Green Digital Charter workshop at EU Sustainable Energy Week

16 June 2016

Green Digital Charter invites you to participate in the Green Digital Charter workshop that will take place in Brussels on June 16th 2016, during the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). The workshop will put the focus on Intelligent Communication Technologies (ICTs) for energy efficiency and on the reduction of ICT’s direct carbon footprint.

International Conference on Smart Cities

15 - 17 June 2016

This conference welcomes researchers, practitioners, companies, governmental and individual participation around the products and services that will shape our future digital cities. There is a clear goal here in presenting new results, either coming from research, development and innovation, to create an international pole of attraction for people (and knowledge) who will enhance their scientific and practical know-how on the many different niches of work in smart cities.

ERRIN Working Group Meeting with a focus on the lighthouse project Triangulum

14 June 2016

The workshop will cover: 1) Triangulum - a smart city project in full implementation, 2) Replicable integrated Smart City solutions from three lighthouse cities, 3) Realisation of citizen participation, stakeholder involvement and integrated solutions, 4) Exchange of challenges and opportunities from development to implementation and replication phase of the project

IoT Tech Expo

13 - 14 June 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) Tech Expo Event will bring together key industries from across Central and Eastern Europe. Industries include Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive. This year’s Expo will highlight the most innovative advancements in technologies which are affecting IoT. Topics include Smart Cities, Connected Living, Developing for the Internet of Things, Connected Industry and Data & Security.