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PECS 2015

3 - 5 November 2015

This conference focuses on the scientific and policy-relevant knowledge of social-ecological dynamics needed to enable a shift towards the sustainable stewardship of social-ecological systems in the Anthropocene. It will integrate research on the stewardship of social–ecological systems, the services they generate, and the relationships among natural capital, human wellbeing, livelihoods, inequality, power asymmetries and poverty.

World Cities Day 2015

31 October 2015

The United Nations has designated every 31st of October as World Cities Day. The Day is expected to greatly promote the international community's interest in global urbanisation, push forward cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and addressing challenges of urbanisation, and contributing to sustainable urban development around the world.

Building Green 2015

28 - 29 October 2015

The trade show Building Green is the biggest market place in Denmark for sustainable design, construction and the built environment.

Conference on Migrants and Cities

26 - 27 October 2015

This conference will bring together ministers, high-level government officials, mayors and other local authorities, the private sector and civil society organizations to discuss the complex dynamics of human mobility at city and local level and how risks can be managed and development opportunities maximised.

Symposium - EERA JP to develop KPIs for Smart Cities

19 October 2015

The European Commission is actively seeking to further the development of a set of KPIs to clarify the Smart City concept. The EERA JPSC Symposium on Smart City KPIs will bring together researchers, city government officials, and business people from all over the world working on smart city indicators. It will provide a global perspective of the state of the art and offer an opportunity to share experiences and best practices.


19 - 23 October 2015

The International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) 2015 congress will take place across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. For the first two days of the event, interactive workshops will be held in 12 cities, with participants convening in Rotterdam for the last two days of the congress to discuss the conclusions and lessons learnt from these workshops.

Covenant of Mayors and Mayors Adapt Ceremony

15 October 2015

On Thursday 15 October 2015, representatives from towns and cities leading the way on climate mitigation and adaptation will meet in Brussels to launch a new Covenant of Mayors at a high-level ceremony.

Making Cities Work – Technology in Planning Practice

15 - 16 October 2015

Making Cities Work – Technology in Planning Practice, a biennial conference which has been running for over two decades in different European cities, is being hosted in Dublin in 2015. The conference represents a rare opportunity for planning and technology professionals to get together with a host of built environment practitioners.

Smart City 360° Summit

13 - 16 October 2015

The Smart City 360° Summit brings together researchers, industry and urban leaders to discuss the crucial issues around smart cities. The Smart City 360° Summit will take place simultaneously in Bratislava, Slovakia and Toronto, Canada during October 13-16, 2015. The Summit will provide an opportunity for participants to network and learn from the world’s most innovative examples of smart city development and to discover how legislation and regulation play a role in Smart Cities.