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12 November 2020

The end of the Smart Cities Information System was celebrated during a 2-day conference taken place on November 4th and 5th with nearly 200 participants and 19 sessions with 44 speakers from cities, businesses, research institutions and the financial sector.

The Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) – a knowledge platform to exchange data, experience and know-how and to collaborate on the creation of smart cities, comes to an end. SCIS brought together European...

Smart Cities Information System – A BEGINNING NOT THE END

10 November 2020

The final conference in a nutshell:

  • Approximately 200 participants joined online
  • 16 sessions with a total number of 44 speakers
  • Number of Lobby chats: nearly 100!

Deal meetings:

  • Projects received: 12 (total investment: 111,8 M EUR)
  • Projects matched: 4 (total investment: 84 M EUR)

The link to the recording of the event will follow soon.



22 September 2020

Join us for THE SCIS FINAL CONFERENCE A BEGINNING - NOT THE END on November 4 and 5, 2020 including a Smart Cities Marketplace Matchmaking!

The SCIS final conference will be the highlight and at the same time the end of the activities under the umbrella of the Smart Cities Marketplace, as well as the answer to the question “What’s next?”.

You can register here:


Between Brno and Online: A Summary of the EIP-SCC Marketplace GA

11 September 2020

The General Assembly in a nutshell

  • More than 300 participants joined online
  • 100 one-on-one networking meetings
  • 20 sessions ranging from interviews to 3.5 hours workshops covering everything from data platforms to business models – with a total number of 70 speakers
  • Our Smart City Matchmakers received Smart City proposals at a total value of EUR 121 million
  • Nice to know or fun fact: Overall time people engaged in one-to-one...

The SCIS Roadshow comes to the URBIS Smart City Fair in Brno

26 August 2020

SCIS Roadshow: Creating Smart and Sustainable Cities using lessons learnt
A live replication session during Brno Urbis Smart City Fair and the EIP-SCC General Assembly

The essence of any Replication Process is to take advantage of previous efforts, innovations and knowledge applied, collect the lessons that can be learned and use them in the most suitable and appropriate way, keeping in mind the specific nature of the different local contexts.


EIP-SCC Marketplace - General Assembly 2020, 2-3 Sept 2020 URBIS Fair, Brno, Czech Republic

03 August 2020

On 2-3 September the URBIS Smart City Fair will be organised in Brno, Czech Republic, mainly delivered by the City of Brno, a Fellow City in Horizon 2020 Lighthouse Project RUGGEDISED. At the same time and in a hybrid format (both online and in Brno), the EIP-SCC will host its yearly General Assembly. 

Despite many interesting recent...

Sinfonia “Smart City talks” Webinar n°6 - Data for citizen

10 July 2020

Join the Sinfonia team on Friday 17 July 2020 at 10:30 for their last SINFONIA "Smart City Talks" webinar to learn more about the experience of our lighthouse city Bolzano in deploying smart urban services for its citizens!

The city of Bolzano is one of the first smart cities in Italy. Within the framework of the EU-funded SINFONIA project, the Municipality collaborated with research centres and companies to design and implement an Urban Service-Oriented Sensible Grid...

EUSEW 2020 – WEBINAR: Creating a Joint Vision for PEDs – Recap

03 July 2020

As part of this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week’s extended programme, SCIS focused on Positive Energy Districts during its webinar ‘Actions & Recommendations: Creating a joint vision for PEDs’, moderated by Jelle Jaubin (SCIS consortium, VITO).

PEDs (Positive Energy Districts) are an important concept in both the EC’s Smart Cities & Communities (SCC)...

EUSEW 2020 - WEBINAR: Creating a Joint Vision for PEDs

21 June 2020

Tuesday 30 June 15:00 - 16:30

Register here

PEDs (Positive Energy Districts) are an important concept in both the EC’s Smart Cities & Communities (SCC) programmes and the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET plan). In the EC’s SCC Lighthouse programme, which has set PEDs as a formal standard in its recent calls, over 420 Million Euro are...