Be smart with energy, mobility and ICT in your city

The INSMART project will present its achievements at a final conference in Brussels

SCIS Editor
14 Dec 2016

More than two thirds of the European population lives in urban areas. Cities are places where both problems emerge and solutions are found. They are fertile ground for science and technology, for culture and innovation, for individual and collective creativity. Cities consume most of the energy today and their energy demand will continue to increase in the future.

Four European cities and six academic and technical partners have collaborated on the INSMART project to develop a methodology for integrative smart city planning. The project has developed the tools to better forecast energy consumption and carbon emissions when looking at options for city development. Using the INSMART methodology alternative scenarios are analysed and ranked for new and existing developments taking into account housing stock, transport, public buildings and spaces and options for renewables.

The final conference if the INSMART project will take place on 15 March 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. It will describe the INSMART methodology and explain how it will be beneficial to other cities. Furthermore, it will examine the results of each of the four cities and share what they how this methodology can be applied and integrated in the planning process at a city level.

Read the agenda and register here.