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New Interview: ME2 demo sites Lisbon and Amsterdam

SCIS Editor
22 May 2019
(Picture: Me Squared)

"‘Gnōthi seauton’, ‘know thyself’, is one of the most enduring pieces of ancient Greek wisdom. Knowledge is power, and knowledge of yourself is power over your actions. This ancient adage lay at the heart of the hypotheses of the ME2 project: if people can understand their energy use, they will be able and willing to improve it.

The project endeavoured to test this hypothesis by equipping 50 people in Lisbon, and 50 people in Amsterdam with ‘smart meters’ devices that could measure and relay the energy expenditure of individual appliances in users’ homes."


Read the entire interview, conducted by Anthony Colclough from EUROCITIES, with ME2 demo sites Lisbon in Portugal and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with Rui Mendes, from Lisboa e Nova.

Click here for the entire interview.