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New Tender: Intelligent Cities Challenge

SCIS Editor
05 Jul 2019
European Commission

EASME, the Executive Agency for SMEs, has just launched a new tender, the Intelligent Cities Challenge.

Through the Digital Cities Challenge (DCC) tender which had been initiated in October 2017, EASME was able to empower 41 European cities to become digital and to achieve strategies for smart growth and industrial modernisation through the use of advanced technologies. Given the great success of the Digital Cities Challenge, EASME decided to go further and launch the Intelligent Cities Challenge.

The main goals of this new challenge will be to:

  • Reinforce and expand the existing network of cities that participated to the DCC;
  • Expand the scope of the DCC so as to include new technologies;
  • Create a dialogue and cooperation between less and more digitally advanced cities (mentors and mentees) – build synergies between cities;
  • Support cities to set and reach ambitious goals towards the accomplishment of key challenges (climate actions, decarbonisation, economic, environmental and social sustainability) through the use of advanced technologies.

With the Intelligent Cities Challenge, the network of cities will be expanded with about 50 new European cities that will be chosen by an open call for expression of interest (that will be published around December 2019) and selected through an assessment that will guarantee high impact and strong commitment. Further to these additional 50 cities, 10 non-EU cities will be included in the network so as to enlarge the cooperation outside the EU borders.

The objective of this service contract is to promote the development of powerful high-tech innovation ecosystems in European cities/regions to fuel industrial transformation and smart, sustainable growth. The aim is to foster leadership and collaboration in cities and regions across all actors of the economy, to transform their territories and facilitate notably SMEs’ access to talents, to advanced technologies and big data, to innovative business models and state-of-the-art infrastructure that would help them create the smart products and services of the future.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, 2 September, 2019

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