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SCIS Policy Analysis – "Why may replication (not) be happening"

SCIS Editor
21 Aug 2019
"Why may replication (not) be happening - Recommendations on EU R&I and regulatory policies" by SCIS

“Replication is like the quest for the Holy Grail: everyone is searching but no one seems to be able to find it”, states Björn Westling, consortium member of the IRIS project. If you are nodding in agreement now – the SCIS publication Why may replication (not) be happening written by SCIS consortium member Han Vandevyvere (VITO) is a must read for you.

The present policy analysis investigates the reasons why replication of smart urban energy, mobility and ICT solutions for a sustainable future may be a strenuous exercise. Whilst evidence from smart city projects suggests that the devil is often in the details, it is at the same time possible to determine common mechanisms that appear to hamper replication.

The present paper identifies and discusses some general barriers such as the power of BAU (Business as Usual), the We are Unique Syndrome and discussions about payback periods and presents opportunities for overcoming them.

Picked up by German press – the magazine Transforming Cities has published an article here.