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The SCIS Roadshow comes to the URBIS Smart City Fair in Brno

SCIS Editor
26 Aug 2020

SCIS Roadshow: Creating Smart and Sustainable Cities using lessons learnt
A live replication session during Brno Urbis Smart City Fair and the EIP-SCC General Assembly

The essence of any Replication Process is to take advantage of previous efforts, innovations and knowledge applied, collect the lessons that can be learned and use them in the most suitable and appropriate way, keeping in mind the specific nature of the different local contexts.

The possibilities from effective replication are clear, and the cities of Brno (RUGGEDISED) and the City of Litoměřice (Stardust) are two examples of how ambitious local governments can work to quickly improve their ‘Smartness’ for the benefit of the environment, the citizens and the economy. Alongside more than a hundred European Smart Cities they share their experiences from the so-called Lighthouse projects through the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) and the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC).

Join the parallel session at 15:30 o'clock taking place live at the Urbis Smart City Fair or online during the General Assembly of EIP-SCC.

This workshop will bring together cities - Fellow, Lighthouse and other cities not yet involved in a Smart City project – as well as the European Smart City initiative SCIS working to share knowledge learnt from the Smart Cities and Communities projects under the Horizon 2020 EU funding programme. The aim of this event is to facilitate knowledge sharing and to allow participants to hear from other cities’ experiences and grasp different perspectives on the ways a smart city project is planned, implemented and managed. There will be one plenary session with speakers from different SCC01 projects and cities, followed by an interactive session (both for those joining online or in-person at the Urbis Fair) that will look more deeply at the main barriers and enabling factors for a successful replication of smart city projects.