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Travel, Share & Learn - New SCIS video

SCIS Editor
20 Dec 2018

Travel, Share & Learn

That was our goal and the goal of our storyteller Arthur Lankester when he travelled across Europe to visit different types of Smart Cities, from Danish Sonderborg (SmartEnCity) to Greek Trikala (InSMART).

When we travel, we make new experiences, we meet new people and we hear new stories. Only by sharing these new insights with the world (and especially you, the Smart City community!) can we make sure that people will learn from each others mistakes but also benefit from best practices.

So have a look at the first video of our "Travel, Share & Learn" collection that will accompany you during the following months.

Video Nr. 1 features SmartEnCity's Lighthouse City Sonderborg in Denmark. There, Arthur talked to Mayor Erik Laurtisen and learned about Sonderborg's #zerocarbon goal by 2029 from the Managing Director of ProjectZero, Peter Rathje.

Watch the video now and tell all your friends about it. Because together, we can make the world smarter - step by step. As Erik Lauritsen says in the video, "everyone has to do something".

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