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SCIS joins BUILDSMART’s project meeting

27 April 2016


By Sebastian Möller, Austrian Institute of Technology & SCIS

It was one sunny Tuesday in April that I joined a meeting of the BUILDSMART project, co-funded by the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration, in Dublin as a SCIS representative. The project’s ambition: to demonstrate cost-effective methods and technologies for...

Save the date for the next SCIS Project Coordinators meeting in Brussels

27 April 2016


The 2016 Project Coordinators Meeting of SCIS will take place between 10 and 13 October 2016 as part of the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels, Belgium.

In its second edition, the meeting aims to involve the smart cities and energy efficiency projects in the scope of SCIS actively into the development of the information system. The objective is to reach a common agreement on how to co-develop SCIS together and turn it into a solution-oriented platform which is...

Register for EIP-SCC General Assembly in Eindhoven

27 April 2016


The 2016 General Assembly of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Smart Cities and Communities will take place on 24 May 2016 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The General Assembly is jointly organised by the European Commission Directorates-General for Mobility and Transport, Energy and Communications Networks, Content & Technology. It is an official associated event of the Dutch Presidency of the European Council of the European Union.

In its third edition,...

Joint webinar on Urban Platforms - GuiDanCe and Sharing Cities projects

27 April 2016


On the Tuesday, 3 May, 11:00-12:00, the GuiDanCe (Green Digital Charter) and Sharing Cities projects are organising a joint webinar on the theme of urban platforms.

Urban Platforms form a core building block by which cities better manage the current explosion in volumes of city data and more easily share this data between city services in order to improve outcomes for society. Few cities in Europe have implemented such solutions and this webinar is an opportunity to hear...

Reaching out to DIRECTION

20 April 2016


By Antonio Garrido-Marijuan, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology & SCIS

To explain the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) in one sentence is to say that it is a database containing valuable data and expertise from smart cities demonstration projects and sites aiming to promote replication. An essential part of this process for SCIS are the technical visits to the projects so we can really understand what is behind the numbers and figures we manage for the...

Nikolaos Kontinakis: Cities should involve citizens as soon as possible if they want to have the best possible results

13 April 2016


Was there a particular inspiration behind your career choice? Briefly how did you first come to work in the area of sustainability and energy management at the EU level?

Sustainability was always one of my interests. Regarding energy, I first started to work in the areas of energy markets and national energy policies. It was at the time when the Covenant of Mayor was launched and the EPBD started being implemented in Greece, especially in the public sector....

Covenant of Mayors’ guide on financing opportunities for local climate and energy actions is now available

09 March 2016

The Covenant of Mayors published a new version of the 'Quick Reference Guide on Financing Opportunities for Local Climate and Energy Actions'. The document provides an updated overview of the different financing programs which can support the implementation of cities' Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

At a glance, one can get an overview of potential financing solutions, from grant-based programs such as Horizon2020 to financial instruments to locally deploy Structural and...

Reducing energy consumption across Europe: the role of the people

26 February 2016

By Verena Brennan, BuildSmart project 

With the European 2020 targets approaching fast, there is an increased pressure on Member States to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and increase share of renewables as well as energy efficiency by 20% compared to the 1990 baseline. These EU climate and energy targets have now increased for 2030 and the European Commission envisions Europe as a low-carbon economy by 2050, which means more climate-friendly and less energy-consuming...

Carsten Rothballer: The beauty of the smart city approach is that everything is somehow directly or indirectly connected

26 February 2016

Tell us, how would you describe GrowSmarter in a nutshell?

GrowSmarter is special. It aims to showcase a series of 12 integrated smart city solution packages with numerous measures in the three Lighthouse cities Stockholm, Cologne and Barcelona. The solutions range from advanced information and communication technology and better connected urban mobility, to incorporating renewable energy sources directly into the city’s supply network. The project enables public...