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Smart Cities & Communities Lighthouse Network Event Lyon

21 October 2019

In October 2019, SCIS representatives met with the SCC1 community for the Smarter Together SCC Lighthouse network event in Lyon. The Lyon event was the 8th event organised by the Smart Cities & Communities network. The previous events have either focused on replicating solutions from the Lighthouse Cities to Fellow Cities (events in Brussels, Stavanger) or sharing experiences and best practices (events in San Sebastian, Sonderborg, Lisbon, etc.).


Travel, Share & Learn: New Video - Vienna (IP-SUNTAN)

18 October 2019

Travel, Share & Learn

Watch now!

Also in fall are we on our  "Travel, Share & Learn" mission. In our video today, we present to you Vienna, Austria as part of the project IP-SUNTAN.


Travel, Share & Learn: That was our goal and...

SPARCS project kicks off in Finland

17 October 2019

SPARCS, a smart city initiative that brings together 31 partners in a network of sustainable and zero carbon communities, was officially launched at a meeting hosted in Espoo, Finland on 7-11 October.

The meeting was led by Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT OY (VTT) and city of Espoo that is, along with Leipzig in Germany, both SPARCS lighthouse cities. As such, they will set large demonstrations activities that shall trigger citizen-centric urban transformation and...

Explore: Kozani Conference and SCIS Roadshow

09 October 2019

Do you remember our SCIS Smart City Roadshow Competition? We held our first roadshow in Kozani as part of the 1st international Balkan Clean Energy Transition Conference and Fair. There was a presentation by Nikolaos Kontinakis, Senior Projects Coordinator at EUROCITIES and part of the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS), talking about good...

Smart city projects share policy recommendations in Brussels

09 October 2019

During the European Week of Regions and Cities, the first three Smart Cities and Communities projects GrowSmarter, Remourban and Triangulum, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, hosted the session “...

Travel, Share & Learn: New Video - Tampere (STARDUST)

01 October 2019

Travel, Share & Learn

Watch now!

Come on and  "Travel, Share & Learn" with us again. In the video today, we have visited Tampere in Finland, one of the three Lighthouse Cities of STARDUST project, again one of the "younger" Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects.



SET-PlanConference 2019

27 September 2019

Finland will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union between 1 July and 31 December 2019. We are delighted to welcome you to the SET-Plan conference in Helsinki.

With the EU’s clean energy package and the Paris Agreement in place, the focus is now on their implementation. EU Member States’ 2030 National Energy and Climate Plans and the 2050 long-term strategies under the Paris Agreement aim to identify pathways to reach the agreed climate goals. Research and...

Workshop: AGORA Thematic Dialogue "Dilemmas of Public Space"

26 September 2019

JPI Urban Europe invites you to this year’s AGORA Stakeholder Involvement Platform workshop, on November 20-21 in Riga. Join the discussion and exchange with practitioners, research community, civil society organizations and public administration representatives. The workshop aims at identifying the dilemmas around public space development and maintenance, link challenges, potentials and characteristics and co-create an understanding of requirements and inclusive and secure public spaces....

Triple Wood – Sustainable Wood Building Culture in the Alpine Region

26 September 2019

Tue 8, October 2019
17:30 - 18:30

The Triple Wood project aims to establish a wood building culture across the Alpine region that brings social, ecological, and economical benefits to its communities. With Europe facing the devastating effects of the ongoing climate change, sustainable forestry and timber buildings are key elements to mitigate these developments and key contributions for "a greener Europe", as every cubic meter...