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Project data visualization


A few instructions on use of the visualization tool, a more comprehensive page providing information on goals, uses and understanding of the graphs can be found here:

  1. We have created a few default graphs, so you know what to expect
  2. Each time you create a new graph, the existing set shifts to the right/down. They are not overwritten.
  3. If your page gets cluttered, you can remove them by pressing the cross in the green box to the upper right of the graph
  4. The three dots in the circle are a result of our graphics tool. Currently not so useful for the user. To export a graph, it is best to create a screenshot.

You can select your perspective on the SCIS dataset by making your choices. First select which grouping level you would like to use (The default is Demo site, which gives the greatest level of detail and is good to start with). Then you select Data type, Topic, KPI group, KPI, Field of interest. The graph appears after making the last selection.

Below you can select your perspective on the SCIS dataset. After your selection you will see a number in brackets indicating the number of data points generating your chart. The data can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of this page.

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