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HEAT4COOL Budapest

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  • Hungary
  • Budapest


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Design and realization of a heat pump based Thermowatt system that would use communal wastewater to heat and cool buildings around the St. Stephan Square in Budapest District 4. Humid climate, annual average temperature 11.2 °C. The expected wastewater temperature is 15-20°C and the available wastewater flow is about 250 m3/hour. Besides the already existing 1.7 MW Thermowatt system, a new 0.5 – 0.75 MW Thermowatt system is to be built and would serve three buldings with a total heated/cooled surface of 12 500 m2: the Mayor’s office (2 600 m2), the Government Window (1 900 m2) and the New Market Hall (8 000 m2, under construction). The annual final energy consumption is 274 kWh/m2, of which 197 kWh/m2 from natural gas and 77 kWh/m2 from electricity. The annual space heating and cooling demands are 178 kWh/m2 and 122 kWh/m2, respectively.

Reduction of 48 % primary energy and 30% CO2


Use of heat from waste water - high efficiency heat exchangers

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