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  • Bulgaria
  • Sofia


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Continental climate, with an average annual temperature of 10,6 °C.
The building is a two-floor multi-family 6 apartment dwelling that was completed in 1974. In 2004, a new part was added to the building. Total floor area is 564 m2. The annual final energy consumption related to the occupied apartments with a heated space of 336 m2 is 200 kWh/m2, of which 143 kWh/m2 from natural gas, 13 kWh/m2 from coal and 44 kWh/m2 from electricity. The annual heating and cooling demands are 117 kWh/m2 for space heating, 21 kWh/m2 for DHW and 58 kWh/m2 for space cooling

Reduction of 60 % primary energy


Solar thermal collectors + adsorption pump