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HEAT4COOL Valencia

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  • Spain
  • Valencia


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Suptropical Mediterranean climate with very mild winters and long warm to hot summers. The annual average temperature is 17.8 °C. Building from 2001. Ground floor assigned to commercial use, and 4 other floors, which are dedicated to residential use. The building has a centralized natural gas boiler and there are no installed RES for heating or electricity. The annual final energy consumption is 61 kWh/m2, of which 54 kWh/m2 from natural gas and 7 kWh/m2 from electricity. The annual heating and cooling demands are 23 kWh/m2 for space heating, 25 kWh/m2 for DHW and 22 kWh/m2 for space cooling.

Reduction of 67% non renewable energy


PV + DC heat pump + gas boilers + PCM heat batteries

SRT data