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By connecting scientific excellence and innovative enterprises in the energy sector with ambitious and well-organised cities, the PLEEC project aimed to reduce energy use in Europe, contributing to the EU´s 20-20-20 targets. The project followed a place-based approach to enforce endogenous urban development by considering local conditions in six... Continue reading
Funding programme: FP7, 1- Strategic sustainable planning and screening of city plans,
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Urban Planning Projects, Strategic sustainable urban planning


The European building sector is currently unable to offer an integral solution for deep renovation toward nearly zero energy building (nZEB) at reasonable cost. The building process is typically based on a ‘layered’ structure, with many labour actions on the buildings site, with many sub disciplines involved, leading to extra costs and failure... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, EE 1 – 2014: Manufacturing of prefabricated modules for renovation of buildings,
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Prefabricated modules


Cities play a key role in fighting climate change. Energy demand and CO2 emissions are particularly high in urban areas. At the same time, urban density allows more alternatives for energy-efficient housing, eco-friendly transport and service provision. SmartEnCity’s vision is to create Smart Zero Carbon Cities that are more sustainable and... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, SCC 1 - 2015: Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration - first of the kind) projects
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Smart Cities and Communities, Integration of energy systems, ICT and transport in cities