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The RENAISSANCE project aimed to create sustainable model districts in Lyon (France) and Zaragoza (Spain). The Region of Lombardy (Italy) took part as an observer partner and carried out several research activities on technical, legal and social issues related to wood fuel supply. Continue reading
Funding programme: CONCERTO 1
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Sustainable energy solutions on district level, District Revitalisation, Greenfield development


The TRIBE project aims to contribute to a change in citizens’ behaviour towards energy efficiency in public buildings, through their engagement in the experience of playing a social game, linked by ICT to real time data collected from five pilot buildings hosting around 1300 regular users (employees, tenants, etc.) and almost 12000 eventual users... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, EE 11 - 2014/2015: New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, ICT based solutions for energy efficiency