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EC-funded projects tracked by the Smart Cities Information System

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The purpose of BUILDSMART is to demonstrate and mainstream cost-effective technologies and methods in the design of buildings with very low energy consumption in different European climates, since energy consumption in buildings varies greatly throughout Europe due to differences in climate, socio-economic factors, building techniques.The project... Continue reading
Funding programme: FP7, Topic EeB.ENERGY.2011.8.1-1: Demonstration of very low energy new buildings
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, New Buildings


The research project ZenN aims to reduce energy use in existing buildings and neighbourhoods. The project strives to: demonstrate the feasibility of innovative low energy renovation processes for buildings at the neighbourhood scale, identify, optimise and disseminate the most promising management and funding methods to facilitate large-scale... Continue reading
Funding programme: FP7, 3- Demonstration of nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation for cities and districts
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Sustainable energy solutions on district level, District Revitalisation


The OPTi project aspires to create a long-lasting impact by rethinking the way district heating and cooling (DHC) systems are architected and controlled. The overarching goal is to create business benefit for the industry as well as to ensure optimal end-consumer satisfaction. OPTi will deliver methodologies and tools that will enable accurate... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, EE 13 - 2014/2015: Technology for district heating and cooling
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Energy System Integration, ICT based solutions for district heating & cooling