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BERTIM will develop a prefabricated solution providing the opportunity to renovate buildings, with a view to improving energy performance, air quality, aesthetics, comfort, and property value at the same time, while ensuring low intrusiveness during renovation works. The manufacturing of the solution will be included in a holistic methodology for... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, EE 1 – 2014: Manufacturing of prefabricated modules for renovation of buildings,
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Prefabricated modules


FLEXYNETS will develop, demonstrate and deploy a new generation of intelligent district heating and cooling (DHC) networks that reduce energy transportation losses by working at “neutral” (15-20°C) temperature levels. Reversible heat pumps will be used to exchange heat with the DHC network on the demand side, providing the necessary cooling and... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020, EE 13 - 2014/2015: Technology for district heating and cooling
SCIS Clusters: SCIS Clusters : Demonstration projects, Energy System Integration, ICT based solutions for district heating & cooling

SDE Solar Decathlon

The Solar Decathlon is an international student competition that started in the USA in 2000. In this competition, universities from all over the world are challenged to design, build and operate solar powered houses. It is the only student competition worldwide addressing the performance assessment of realized buildings and not only their design.... Continue reading
Funding programme: H2020
SCIS Clusters: