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Action of Cities to Mainstream Energy Efficient Building and Renewable Energy Systems Across Europe

Project Details

Project date: 
January, 2006 to December, 2012
Contact Person: 
Ute Heda

City of Hannover

Budget Information

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Pilot Cities

  1. Nantes
  2. Hannover

The Act2 project aimed to accelerate innovation in renewable energy (RE) solutions and advance energy efficiency (EE) and systems for poly-generation linked together with concepts for eco-buildings. Act2 reflected the motivation of Hannover (Germany) and Nantes (France), the two demonstration communities, and three associated cities – Koszalin (Poland), Malmö (Sweden) and Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom) - to implement an energy policy that matches the scale and urgency of current climate-related issues, building on past experiences - especially the development of the Kronsberg district in Hannover, and inviting stakeholders in their areas to espouse the same proactive policies.

Demonstration Sites

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The following datasets is part of CONCERTO premium TMD and is provided as is. Note in certain cases the datasets are incomplete.

The values show the sum of New Buildings data + Refurbished Buildings data (including building integrated energy supply). The values do not contain data from Large Scale Energy Supply Units.

Act2 key facts & figures:

  • Demonstration projects: 80 Buildings (180,000 m²);
  • Hannover: 55 buildings (50,000 m²), refurbishments;
  • Nantes: 25 buildings (80,000 m²), newly built.

Renewable energy sources:

  • 1,900 m² solar thermal;
  • 360 kWp solar photovoltaic panels;
  • wood energy used in district heating;
  • Wood boilers in public buildings (more than 1,000 kW).

Monitored results:

  • Final energy saved - 70%;
  • Primary energy saved - 92%;
  • 3,600 t CO2 per year saved in Hannover;
  • 790 t CO2 per year saved in Nantes.

SRT data