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Industrialised Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Resident Buildings in Cold Climates

Project Details

Project date: 
January, 2011 to June, 2014

Budget Information

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Topic EeB.ENERGY.2010.8.1-2: Demonstration of Energy Efficiency through Retrofitting of Buildings

Pilot Cities

  1. Halmstad
  2. Roosendaal
  3. London
  4. Voiron
  5. Oulu
  6. Augsburg
  7. München

E2ReBuild project investigated, promoted, and demonstrated cost-effective and advanced energy-efficient retrofit strategies that create added value for existing residential buildings and endorse end-users to stay and build a dynamic society. The vision of E2ReBuild was to transform the retrofitting construction sector into an innovative, high-tech, energy efficient industrialized sector.

The project implemented research and developed new retrofitting solutions regarding planning, design, technology, construction as well as operation and use of buildings. The E2ReBuild was realized at seven demonstration sites in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Monitoring data

The results of the E2ReBuild project were generated at seven demonstration building projects, all completed by the end of the project, which serve as prototypes for application, evaluation and monitoring of proposed technologies and performance and indoor environment including thermal comfort for tenants.


  • created an Industrial Platform for Energy Efficient Retrofitting for largescale market deployment where the tools, methods and processes developed and refined by continuous feedback between research and demonstration were integrated
  • developed monitoring guidelines common for all E2ReBuild demonstrations. The guidelines defined a common approach and a unified methodology for the demonstrators and enabled preparing and detailed metering and monitoring of the building’s energy in planning, design, technology, construction, operation and use of buildings.
  • developed guidelines on Preliminaries/Survey (based on the experiences of the Augsburg demonstration in Germany) that explain the surveying and planning process and give an overview of the features of a comprehensive digital survey, including the development of a fully featured 3D model for planning and production.
  • developed a software tool – the European Retrofit Advisor – that is especially suited for analysing renovation strategies for residential buildings at an early design stage. It evaluates not only economic issues, but also considers ecological and social aspects of building retrofit.

E2ReBuild enforced the notion among branch actors such as builders, housing organizations, architects etc. that modern industrialized processes cannot only save money in reduced building and energy costs but also create functional, attractive and individual housing for a great number of Europeans. The industrialized process also minimizes technical and social disturbance for the tenants as well as facilitates energy-efficient operation and use of the buildings, including encouraging energy-efficient behaviour. Moreover, the results of E2ReBuild can greatly contribute to improved working conditions as well as increase the attractiveness of the industry to workers.

European Retrofit Advisor

The European Retrofit Advisor allows a quick evaluation of retrofit scenarios for apartment buildings. Based on few input-data, the actual value of a building, its value after renovation, the estimated costs for refurbishment, and the social and environmental impacts may be evaluated. It is therefor an ideal tool for the early financial and environmental evaluation of retrofit scenarios.



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