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Energy efficient COmmunity STimulation by use and Integration of Local Energy Resources

Project Details

Project date: 
September, 2005 to August, 2012
Contact Person: 
Rudy Rooth

Gemeente Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Budget Information

EU contribution: 
Total cost : 
Funding programme: 

Pilot Cities

  1. Måbjerg
  2. Amsterdam
  3. London

The ECOSTILER project took a coordinated approach towards achieving energy efficient communities. The common and essential element of the project involved the use of bio-gas and district heating systems. These acted as tools in the reduction of primary fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the communities in question. ECOSTILER's approach embraced communities of different sizes, ranging from small to large, from urban to rural, making it a valuable demonstration project in the CONCERTO initiative.


  • All refurbishment demos were completed (468 dwellings, 41,000 m2);
  • Biogas plant in waste to energy plant completed: exhaust gases in waste incinerator tested with good results - significantly lower emissions;
  • District heating backbone of 12 km completed, current connection rate about 4,000 dwellings/year;
  • Renewables support program completed;
  • Monitoring of dwellings completed: on average, 33% energy savings by refurbishment.


  • All planned building refurbishments  completed (571 dwellings, 42,767 m2);
  • CHP installationscompleted, but being optimised;
  • R&D program completed.


  • Biogas plant launched on 18 June 2012;
  • Auditing and energy monitoring of farms completed;
  • Energy efficiency measures in stables were successfully executed.

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