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European Cities Serving as Green Urban Gate Towards Leadership in Sustainable Energy

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Project date: 
April, 2013 to March, 2018
Contact Person: 
Florencio Manteca González
CENER, Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables, Sarriguren

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Pilot Cities

  1. Vienna
  2. Tampere
  3. Aachen
  4. Milano
  5. Bratislava
  6. Sestao

Early adopter cities

The EU-GUGLE project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of nearly-zero energy building renovation models in view of triggering large-scale, Europe-wide replication in smart cities and communities by 2020. 

To reach this objective, the eight pilot cities will join efforts to combine the latest research results relevant to smart renovation of groups of buildings at district level and use this knowledge to implement a balanced mix of technical, socio-economic and financial solutions adapted to local needs. All aspects of the renovation process will be monitored and evaluated, from the energy performance of the renovated buildings to the financing schemes chosen by the municipalities.

EU-GUGLE Video as part of the SCIS "Travel, Share & Learn" collection.

Taking on the challenge of sustainable renovation in urban areas, the cities of Vienna (Austria), Aachen (Germany), Milan (Italy), Sestao (Spain), Tampere (Findland) and Bratislava (Slovakia) have committed to renovating a total of 226,000m² of living space during the 5 years of the project, with the objective of achieving 40 to 80% primary energy savings per pilot district while increasing the share of renewable energy sources by 25% by 2018. Gothenburg (Sweden) and Gaziantep (Turkey) will take part in the project as associated cities and will be expected to start smart renovation activities during project’s lifetime.

In line with this objective, the pilot cities will therefore integrate the results of the project into comprehensive ‘smart renovation strategies’ that will be easily transposable to other municipalities, and which will be disseminated through an EU-wide replication campaign. The role of the campaign will be to maximize the replication potential of the renovation models developed in EU-GUGLE, both in other districts of the same cities and in other cities facing similar issues across Europe.

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