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Game to promote energy efficiency actions

Project Details

Project date: 
March, 2015 to February, 2018
Contact Person: 
Jérémy Legardeur
ESTIA Institute of Technology

Budget Information

EU contribution: 
Total cost : 
Funding programme: 
EE 11 - 2014/2015: New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency

Pilot Cities

  1. Bayonne
  2. Villefontaine
  3. Vigo

The GreenPlay project aims to raise awareness among citizens through the implementation of a real time monitoring energy consumption platform and the development of a serious game.

This GreenPlay system will consist of four key elements:

  • Monitoring of energy consumption in real time;
  • A web-based platform to monitor consumption;
  • Advice and challenges available for users on the platform to reduce consumption;
  • A serious game to raise awareness among users.

The demonstration of this project will take place in three European cities and reach at least 200 homes.


The project is expected to have an impact in terms of energy consumption, with a 30% decrease in consumption at the test homes.