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GrowSmarter: Transforming Cities for a Smart, Sustainable Europe

Project Details

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January, 2015 to December, 2019
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Budget Information

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SCC 1 - 2014 Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration - first of the kind) projects

Pilot Cities

  1. Köln
  2. Barcelona
  3. Stockholm

GrowSmarter aims to stimulate city uptake of smart solutions by using the three Lighthouse cities Stockholm (Sweden), Cologne (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain) as a way to showcase 12 Smart City solutions: from advanced information and communication technology and better connected urban mobility, to incorporating renewable energy sources directly into the city’s supply network. This will provide other cities with valuable insights on how they work in practice and opportunities for replication.

The 12 Smart City solutions are split into three areas of action:

  • Low energy districts: Smart building shell refurbishment, Smart building logistics, Smart energy-saving tenants, Smart local electricity management
  • Integrated Infrastructures: Smart street lighting, Waste heat recovery, Smart waste collection, Big data management
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility: Sustainable delivery, Smart traffic management, Alternative fuel driven vehicles, Smart mobility solutions


GrowSmarter aims to improves the quality of life for European citizens by implementing:

  • better options for urban transport
  • better deliveries of goods
  • better waste handling
  • cost-efficient refurbishment (100000 m2)
  • improvement in street environment
  • lower energy costs
  • increased job creation (1500)

GrowSmarter aims to reduce environmental impact by:

  • reducing the need for energy (60%),
  • reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from energy use andincreased use of renewable energy ­(more than 60%)
  • reducing the emissions of transports (60%)

GrowSmarter aimes to create sustainable economic development by:

  • achieving increased cost efficiency by lowering the combined capital and operational cost (reducing costs for energy, reducing costs for maintenance, investment, depreciation period, interest rate)
  • increasing economic growth (locally, regionally, nationally, internationally)


Access to the public and approved deliverables

City Interest Group

The GrowSmarter project is looking to recruit 20 cities to be part of the City Interest Group. Members belonging to this group will have the opportunity to closely follow activities within the lighthouse and follower cities and: 

  • Participate in the capacity building/study visit series within the lighthouse cities
  • Receive all detailed information from lighthouse city implementation
  • Access to a helpdesk for any questions related to smart city development. 

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