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MAximizing the UPscaling and replication potential of high level urban transformation strategies

Project Details

Project date: 
October, 2017 to September, 2022
Contact Person: 
Ernesto Faubel
Ayuntamiento de Valencia

Budget Information

EU contribution: 
Total cost : 
Funding programme: 
SCC-1-2016-2017 - Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects

Pilot Cities

  1. Dresden
  2. Valencia
  3. Antalya

What do we want our cities to be?
What does Smart mean?
Which services and innovations do citizens and stakeholders really need?

These are key questions for MAtchUP that aims at transforming cities through innovative solutions and technologies at the service of local communities.

MAtchUP looks at  cities as complex environments animated by multiple communities with common problems, needs and expectations to be satisfied and improved through a net increase in resilience, liveability and expertise.

Based on a citizen-centric approach, MAtchUP solutions in the energy, mobility and ICT fields will boost local economies and their quality of life. Furthermore they will serve as a model for replication in other cities and will lead to a urban transformation driven by citizens and stakeholders.

MAtchUP will deploy large scale demonstration projects in three Lighthouse cities, Valencia (Spain), Dresden (Germany) and Antalya (Turkey), and support the development of replication and upscaling plans in four Follower cities , Ostend (Belgium), Herzliya (Israel), Skopje (FYROM) and Kerava (Finland).


MAtchUP’s objective is to create and adopt solutions that can turn urban problems into smart opportunities to improve the citizens’ quality of life and boost the local economies. The final aim is to create a prosperous and more liveable urban environment for communities.

  • Matchup solutions will save more than 4,000 tons of carbon emissions per year;
  • will improve energy efficiency by more than 45%;
  • over 30% of the energy consumed will come from renewable sources.

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