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ORganizational Behaviour improvement for Energy Efficient adminisTrative public offices

Project Details

Project date: 
March, 2015 to February, 2018
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Budget Information

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EE 11 - 2014/2015: New ICT-based solutions for energy efficiency

Pilot Cities

  1. Innsbruck
  2. Pernik
  3. Erlangen
  4. Asparrena

OrbEEt aims to introduce an innovative solution to facilitate public and social engagement to action for energy efficiency by providing real-time assessments of energy impact and energy-related organisational behaviour.

To accomplish this goal, OrbEEt proposes an ICT-based framework to induce behaviour change toward energy efficiency by transforming energy measurements into personalised feedback delivered through engaging user interfaces. OrbEEt is establishing a holistic organisational energy performance framework that will boost standardised energy performance rating practices by incorporating business and behavioural information.

The OrbEEt project shifts away from focusing on technology, finance or individual behaviour within a workplace and aims at introducing an integrated behavioural change approach that exploits novel and extended approaches in Operational Rating (OR), along with workplace dynamics and social collaboration/rewards (within a highly engaging and sustainable gamification approach) to achieve increased and persistent energy efficiency in public buildings.

OrbEEt’s three main objectives are:

  • Leverage existing standards and methods of Building Operational Rating (OR);
  • Align the building energy data with organisation operational activities;
  • Trigger the behavioural change in the scope and context of organisational dynamics and business activities.

OrbEEt Deployment Plan and Installation Manual
deployment_plan_and_installation_manual.pdf3.52 MB
OrbEEt Energy Measurements Methodology
energy_measurements_methodology.pdf3.51 MB
OrbEEt Open Reference Models
open_reference_models.pdf1.18 MB
OrbEEt Report on Pilot Operation Validation
orbeet_-_report_on_pilot_operation_validation.pdf10.29 MB
OrbEEt Validation Framework
orbeet_validation_framework.pdf1.55 MB
OrbEEt Annual Dissemination
orbeet_annual_dissemination_3rdversion.pdf5.56 MB
OrbEEt Dissemination and Communication Plan and Material
orbeet_dissemination_communication_plan_and_material_4thversion.pdf4.02 MB
OrbEEt Gamified User Interface
orbeet_gamified_user_interface.pdf2.98 MB
OrbEEt Pilot Engagement and Training Activities
orbeet_pilot_engagement_and_training_activities_report_2ndversion.pdf1.48 MB
OrbEEt Pilot Validation Equipment Installation Plan for Pilots
pilot_validation_equipment_installation_plan_for_pilots.pdf2.64 MB