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Sustainable Energy for the Rural Village Environment

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November, 2007 to October, 2012
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Pilot Cities

  1. North Tipperary

The SERVE project implemented a series of actions in the field of sustainable energy with the overarching goal of creating a sustainable energy region in the district of North Tipperary in Ireland. The project actions included energy upgrades for existing dwellings in the region, installation of renewable energy heating systems, construction of an eco-village and the development of a district heating system.

Demonstration Sites

The SERVE project was concluded successfully and resulted in significant energy savings and increased renewable energy production in the region. The project also saw new technologies and system demonstrated. Some specific results include:

  • Piloting of a BER system and 200 energy assessors trained
  • 8,000 m2 of dwelling constructed with energy performance 50% better than standard build
  • A national retrofit programme and grant support scheme put in place, with many similarities to SERVE structures
  • SERVE standards adopted by National Energy Agency as part of its energy assessment methodology
  • 200 construction workers trained on quality standards
  • Over 100 buildings and contractors audited
  • 2 biomass district heating systems installed with on-going discussions for expansion
  • 1.5MW of biomass heating put in place

BER Assessor

The SERVE project, as part of its quality assurance procedures, has established a BER Assessor panel for the SERVE region. Details of the panel are provided here. If you wish to be a member of the SERVE BER Panel you will need to meet the following requirements - be registered to work within Co. Tipperary as a BER Assessor or - clearly demonstrate that you have completed significant work as a BER Assessor in the SERVE Region - provide evidence of registration with SEAI as an assessor and evidence of sample BERs BER Assessors have an important role to play in terms of quality control and information provision to the homeowners. SERVE BER Assessors are required to keep up to date with the SERVE programme and its supports. Assessors will also be required to attend regular training seminars organised by the SERVE partners. 

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